Sunday, 14 August 2016

Signs for THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE in Battersea - London

Summer time :). Less vehicles on the London's roads (if this is at all possible in this city...). We had this order from google to do the design, produce and install a wooden old fashion projecting sign and a 3D main sign within fairly low budget. We came up with the idea of making the brain/tree logo and main lettering out of 10mm thick laser cut acrylic with vinyl graphics on top. We had some problems when cutting such a complicated shape in 10mm acrylic on our laser machine. Some of the branches started to bend and twist from too much heat but eventually everything went well. The rest of the lettering was just standard vinyl (in order to keep the costs down). A double sided projection sign  has been painted to the colour of the shop front, framed and sign written with the logo and lettering on both sides. The bracket is powder coated steel, attached directly to the building front.
Please see the photos below for the results: