Thursday, 29 October 2015

RIVIERE Rugs shop front signage

We left our office around 11am heading to Chelsea / SW London - traffic was bad (as always) ;). It took us about an hour to get there. When finally got there - we quickly installed the brass channel lettering and logo using paper templates and brass locators (screwed directly to the wooden panels). After that - we applied gold vinyl graphics on the windows on both sides of the shop and also opening times on the door and an arrow above the entrance bell. The final effect is really stunning - isn't it?


Monday, 21 September 2015

Shop front signage for TOMFOOLERY in North London

We got there around 1pm on Sunny day - Saturday. It took us almost two hours to get there (High Gate) from Wimbledon. Road traffic was crazy that day. Anyway we installed all the vinyl graphics first. We had to remove old lettering from the door and windows and we installed the new ones (black and frosting). After the vinyl application - we had to clean the whole shop front and prepare it for painting. We took the lights down (because that's what the owner requested), we also took the old raised acrylic letters down ending up with holes in the fascia after the screws etc. We used wood filler to fill the holes. After around 30mins it was ready to be sanded down. We also cleaned all the window frames in the meantime. The swinging sign had to be taken down in order to paint the bracket and the sign itself properly and to change the graphics on the sign too. We used RAL 9003 paint colour in matt finish to pain the front. We used almost two litters of paint but we had to apply three coats so the filler was not visible any more. We did not make it in one day so we had to come back on Sunday to finish it off. We painted the lower parts on Sunday and applied all the rest of the signage (the main name on the fascia and the swinging sign). Please see the final product below:

Sunday, 2 August 2015

CS GLOBAL PARTNERS Reception sign board

Last Friday we went to Green Park area in Central London to install the new reception sign for a law firm called CS Global Partners based in Dover Street. The road traffic was crazy even though it was after rush hour - around noon. We found a space to park our van right outside the building which was very convenient for us as the sign was quite big and hard to carry. The overall size was 1500mm by 1500mm but we managed to fit it inside the van somehow. The whole installation process went quite smooth. People from the reception did not know too much about where the sign was going to be hanged but we discussed it earlier with the company owner so it was all clear for us. We drilled 8 holes in the concrete wall accordingly to the holes on the board. We used 5mm wall plugs and screwed the sign to the wall. We also applied some double sided tape on the back of the board so it stays flat to the wall. We used nice metal screw caps which we have painted gold before and math their faces to the letter faces in brushed gold finish. The letters are made of 5mm thick acrylic with brushed gold finish. The black background board is 5mm thick matt aluminium. Please see the photos below:

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Montezuma's chocolate shop in Spitafields Market

We came early Saturday morning to install the signs. No traffic on the roads - even in central London. There were no people on site (Spitafields Market - E1) either - which is always good for us as it is much safer for everybody. So we started. We took two long ladders from our van and put them against the old sign. We had to undo the top frame in order to take the old sign down. It was fairly easy as the sign was quite new. We took the new sign form the roof of our van - it consists of two 5mm thick acrylic boards with digitally printed graphics and then laminated in order to maintain colors for life. We easily installed the left part of the sign from the ladders and then another one, putting the top frame back on and securing it with the same screws which we have taken out earlier. The joint between the boards is always a problem. We had to use self adhesive strip to cover the gap between the boards and also make them stable in order not to move in the future. The whole job took us app 3 hours on site. You can see the results below:

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ruan Thai - Aromatherapy and Spa Salon Signage in North London.

Flat Cut gold chrome dibond letters raised on black plastic locators and smaller ones glued with vhb double sided tape. Raised lettering london.

Spa salon window graphics cut in frosted vinyl (stripes and the logo), door opening times and tel number, all applied form the inside. Manufactured and installed by 2Signs. Window Graphics London

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New signage in Wandsworth - London

Our freshly installed brushed brass plaque with dark blue engraved lettering for a Solicitors Company - BIRDS SOLICITORS in Wandsworth - London. 2Signs.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
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