Monday, 21 September 2015

Shop front signage for TOMFOOLERY in North London

We got there around 1pm on Sunny day - Saturday. It took us almost two hours to get there (High Gate) from Wimbledon. Road traffic was crazy that day. Anyway we installed all the vinyl graphics first. We had to remove old lettering from the door and windows and we installed the new ones (black and frosting). After the vinyl application - we had to clean the whole shop front and prepare it for painting. We took the lights down (because that's what the owner requested), we also took the old raised acrylic letters down ending up with holes in the fascia after the screws etc. We used wood filler to fill the holes. After around 30mins it was ready to be sanded down. We also cleaned all the window frames in the meantime. The swinging sign had to be taken down in order to paint the bracket and the sign itself properly and to change the graphics on the sign too. We used RAL 9003 paint colour in matt finish to pain the front. We used almost two litters of paint but we had to apply three coats so the filler was not visible any more. We did not make it in one day so we had to come back on Sunday to finish it off. We painted the lower parts on Sunday and applied all the rest of the signage (the main name on the fascia and the swinging sign). Please see the final product below: