Sunday, 3 September 2017

Nurture Restaurants Signage in White City W12 - London.

August 2017. We had an order from our good client - Ron - Director of Nurture Restaurants in London for the new signage at his new branch in W12 - White City, London.
He requested 2x illuminated signs - one to go inside, behind the window but facing out, in circular shape and attached to the ceiling or window frame, the other one to be double sided projecting sign on the outside, and some window logos and lettering. The car park in this place is quite far away so had to carry all the signage to the shop. Their manage - who is also a Polish guy helped us with carrying all the signage and equipment. Thanks a lot Raf! They whole job took us pretty much all day. Traffic was crazy as always in London...Please see the results below:

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Shop front signage fro BING PILATES in Hammersmith - London

Thursday - 25th of May 2017. Very hot and sunny day. We left our office in Wimbledon at about noon and got on site (Hammersmith area) - just by the underground station at about 1pm. We had to unload all of our tools from the van as this job was quite complex. Few different thing to be done: We had to install the new fascia aluminium tray, then install 10mm thick acrylic raised letters and logo (glued with dbl sided tape to the aluminium). The letters and logo had vinyl coloured faces because the customers wanted specific vinyl colour. Then we moved inside the premises where we had to clean the windows in order to install logos, web and telephone numbers, frosted vinyl graphics and some coloured vinyl stripes. After we have done those, we had to install nice mirror polished chrome cut logo on the wall. We had to drill few holes in the plasterboard wall, put some plugs in and screw the locators in. Then just pop the lettering and logo on. Check the results on the photos below:

We have been doing quite a lot of beauty salon signs recently, 
gym and fitness signs, spa signs and hairdresser salons.
Check our fan page for the latest jobs:

Friday, 18 November 2016

New signage in REGENT Street - Picadilly Circus for MELI MELO Italian fashion accessories.

This time we had an order to produce a illuminated hanging sign, 3D bronze lettering and also some window vinyl cut graphics. The client wanted 10mm thick lettering attached to the wooden fascia but with a distance of 40mm between the board and lettering so we had to make the studs 70mm long in order to put them inside the fascia and hold. The lettering have been powder coated to bronze colour and the dbl sided projecting sign to gold. We also had to apply the logos and some vinyl cut lettering on top of the gold hanging sign on both sides. Lastly we came to install the white and gold window graphics. We had to remove the old window graphics (temporary ones - so it was quite easy to take down). See the photos below - we are very proud of this particular project.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Signs for THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE in Battersea - London

Summer time :). Less vehicles on the London's roads (if this is at all possible in this city...). We had this order from google to do the design, produce and install a wooden old fashion projecting sign and a 3D main sign within fairly low budget. We came up with the idea of making the brain/tree logo and main lettering out of 10mm thick laser cut acrylic with vinyl graphics on top. We had some problems when cutting such a complicated shape in 10mm acrylic on our laser machine. Some of the branches started to bend and twist from too much heat but eventually everything went well. The rest of the lettering was just standard vinyl (in order to keep the costs down). A double sided projection sign  has been painted to the colour of the shop front, framed and sign written with the logo and lettering on both sides. The bracket is powder coated steel, attached directly to the building front.
Please see the photos below for the results:

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

SHUTTERSTOCK mirror chrome letters

Finally we got an order from SHUTTERSTOCK for the raised letters for their new office in London - London Bridge. We've cut the letters, prepared everything and went to install the sign. It was very busy on the roads - as always (Tuesday afternoon) especially in London Bridge Station area - where the sign was installed. Hayes Galeria - it was called. 3rd floor - shutterstock office - the office hasn't been renovated yet so all the builders were still painting walls, moving furnitures and so on. One guy at the place showed us where to install the letters. We levelled the paper template as always, drilled the holes for the locators and installed them. All looking good, just waiting for the office to be finished, lights to be installed and shine on the sign :)

Thursday, 29 October 2015

RIVIERE Rugs shop front signage

We left our office around 11am heading to Chelsea / SW London - traffic was bad (as always) ;). It took us about an hour to get there. When finally got there - we quickly installed the brass channel lettering and logo using paper templates and brass locators (screwed directly to the wooden panels). After that - we applied gold vinyl graphics on the windows on both sides of the shop and also opening times on the door and an arrow above the entrance bell. The final effect is really stunning - isn't it?


Monday, 21 September 2015

Shop front signage for TOMFOOLERY in North London

We got there around 1pm on Sunny day - Saturday. It took us almost two hours to get there (High Gate) from Wimbledon. Road traffic was crazy that day. Anyway we installed all the vinyl graphics first. We had to remove old lettering from the door and windows and we installed the new ones (black and frosting). After the vinyl application - we had to clean the whole shop front and prepare it for painting. We took the lights down (because that's what the owner requested), we also took the old raised acrylic letters down ending up with holes in the fascia after the screws etc. We used wood filler to fill the holes. After around 30mins it was ready to be sanded down. We also cleaned all the window frames in the meantime. The swinging sign had to be taken down in order to paint the bracket and the sign itself properly and to change the graphics on the sign too. We used RAL 9003 paint colour in matt finish to pain the front. We used almost two litters of paint but we had to apply three coats so the filler was not visible any more. We did not make it in one day so we had to come back on Sunday to finish it off. We painted the lower parts on Sunday and applied all the rest of the signage (the main name on the fascia and the swinging sign). Please see the final product below: